Turn your love cards
into a keepsake book!

8" x 8" custom hardcover book

Professional photography and editing of card images

Sturdy 9" x 6" x 2" custom box and prepaid shipping label provided for sending us your cards

FREE box and book shipping included! (U.S. orders only - visit international link for outside U.S.)


Why Customers Love Cards Books

Emma Stenson

This was the best gift for my boyfriend! We had given each other so many cards; it's really amazing to now have them all in a book we enjoy. 100% recommend!

Peter Zimm

Best gift ever (my wife's words)! She was so touched by this book of all the Valentine's and anniversary cards during the ten years we've been together.

Aliya Hiyano

I was so overwhelmed by my card clutter, but didn't want to throw away my cards - especially the ones with my partner. So glad I found Love Cards by Artkive!